• We create high end images in real time.

  • Make the VR shooting experience as similar as possible to the traditional one.


  • We are
    and artists

  • We Create:
    Immersive Entertainment
    Art Installations
    Branded Content
    Virtual Experiences

  • We Create:
    Ultra High-Resolution Content

Our Work.


  • Dichotomy Pole 1

    Dichotomy Pole1 from the Show “Dichotomy” that played at King King on Hollywood. This the first of a series of vignettes from the Show...

  • Dichotomy LED Hoop

    A new form of Electronic Hoop presented at the Dichotomy Show which played at King King Hollywood, on Jan 14, 2016; one of the very last shot to take place in this...

  • Destino Stage

    Inside Destino, the new resort Pacha Hotel built on the beautiful Island of Ibiza...

  • Destino Entrance

    Inside the lobby of Destino the newest resort created by Pacha Hotel on the beautiful Island of Ibiza...

  • Destino Wide

    DESTINO is the newest resort from Pacha Hotel in Ibiza, the Island...

  • Ferrari “Red Future”

    InReal presents, Ferrari “Red Future” (long version) Directed By Alex Frisch & Joe Harkins Produced By InReal Cinematography by Graham Robbins 1st AC...

  • SBE “Water”

    InReal presents, SBE “Water” Directed By Alex Frisch & Joe Harkins Produced By InReal Cinematography by Graham Robbins 1st AC Chris Daniel 2nd AC Daniel Fritz...

  • Alex Frisch – Directing

    Some highlights from Alex’s past directing work...

  • Ferrari “Mirage”

    Producer Michael Crenshaw Directed and Photographed by Richard Thomspson ...

What We Do

We create high end original content, from original design to live action production using our custom camera rigs that offered unsurpassed picture quality and flexibilty. We create original content for VR productions and live immersive shows.
Moreover, InReal has developed a custom workflow that allows to produce high end content in real time, including Visual Effects and cg elements rendered in real time either through Unity or Unreal.
Having been a leading artist in cinema and commercial content for 25 years, Alex Frisch fashioned Inreal's custom tools to make VR production as close to the traditional cinematic workflow.
The goal is to 'keep it simple' and to provide on-set tools that directors and cinematographers use to make the finest images.
In addition to internal productions, InReal makes these tools and its real time work flow available as a package for hire.
InReal is also dedicated to creating high end large format images in real time for the live show industry, broadcast, television. clubs, play and theatre . Aside from our custom acquisition tools, we are unique in our original approach of displays for our creations.
For instance we are developing a VR theatre chain complex, that offers 360 displays for small groups. Custom display solutions makes our creations unique.





InReal is led by Creative Director, Alex Frisch.



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