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    When your audience is entertained, they forget their indifference, and put aside their cares. They are, for a brief moment, disconnected from the digital noise and constant interruptions- they are captivated, mesmerized, engaged.

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    A Singular Approach To Entertainment


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    We are



    and artists

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    We Create

    Immersive Entertainment

    Art Installations

    Branded Content


    Virtual Experiences

Our Portfolio.



We are an artist owned production company that specializes in creating new experiences for audiences across various platforms. We deal heavily with live-action and VFX oriented projects, ranging from traditional spots for brands to art installations to developing our own original content.

  • Commercials

  • Directing + Creative

  • Design + Photography

  • Art Installations

  • Virtual Reality Content

  • VFX and Finishing



Our Roster.

  • Alex Frisch | Co-Founder

    Alex serves as a director/creative director for InReal. Alex is known for his VFX work for high-end commercials like Pepsi, Bridgestone and Adidas, box office hits like...

  • Joe Harkins | Co-Founder

    Joe Harkins serves as a director, writer, and photographer for InReal. As  a visual effects artist, he has worked on 25 feature films. Highlights include work on...

  • Richard Thompson III

    Richard Thompson III serves as a director, DP, and photographer for InReal. Richard draws on a life-long love of cars to create high energy, atmospheric imagery for...

  • Pepper Yandell

    Pepper Yandell serves as a photographer for InReal. Pepper’s love for anything automotive served as a natural direction for his creative pursuits. Finding his roots in...



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