Alex Frisch developed new VR tools at Inreal with one simple concept in mind: “Make the VR shooting experience as similar as possible to the traditional film making experience”. To achieve this goal Alex developed a few unique pieces working together that create Inreal’s 360 VR shooting workflow:
  1 – Using high end rugged professional cameras with professional lenses for all of our VR camera rigs so a DP can expose our cameras as they are used to.  Then color correct raw footage on set to establish the first look of his/her digital negative,
  2 – Stitch all cameras in real time on set, creating a rough stitched image that we display live in VR goggles, such as HTC, Oculus and Samsung Gear,
  3 – We send the stitched image to Video Village where it is displayed on 4K monitors,

Our VR camera rigs can shoot Raw, 422 or 444 Prores, up to 60fps, with gen lock, central time code on a Global Shutter.

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While using Inreal’s 360 VR shooting workflow, Directors, DP’s, Creatives and producers can keep making their craft and deliver their storytelling the way they are used to, without getting lost in the sometimes endless complexities
of the VR shooting which can easily put off a Director or a Creative.

Examples of our 360 VR camera tech

Inreal’s custom real time VR shooting workflow helps to attract more top talent and creatives into VR by keeping it as simple as possible for the creatives.

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